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Huitou's mission is to bring visual interaction technology into everyone's education, work and life, making education smarter, work more efficient, and life more interesting.

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HOTUS is a national high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. With a strong technical team, a complete R&D process and an international design concept, based on the core product Windows projector, it upgrades and iterates to achieve the innovative requirements of product diversification. Created a number of "world firsts", obtained dozens of national technology patents, and established good cooperative relations with Microsoft, Intel, TI and other enterprises. Always adhere to the product design concept of "user-centered", insist on research and development of core technologies with certain barriers, and provide users with products that create value with technology. Promoting and leading the development of Windows projection technology in China, leading the innovation and upgrading of the traditional projector industry, is an industry benchmark for insisting on independent research and development.

Pursuing the ultimate quality, we have established a 360° all-round quality management system that runs through R&D, procurement, manufacturing and service. In the design and development, test review, prototype trial production, mass production and other links, strictly follow the ISO9001 quality system management, to ensure that the products are effective, safe and reliable. Huitou people have a strong sense of quality, strive for excellence in quality, and strictly follow the technological process and operation instructions to produce, and improve the quality to a new height.

Scientific and rigorous management penetrates into every link of the supply chain and manufacturing chain, and continuously improves the quality and reliability of products while improving production efficiency. Each link has archived records to ensure the integrity and continuity of the data, which provides valuable data for future product improvement design and upgrades.

The core value of HOTUS projector is to improve work efficiency for users and solve many inconveniences in office and educational presentations. In terms of office presentations, it is more efficient and freer than traditional projectors and notebooks, and in terms of smart education, it is more interactive and interesting than traditional educational equipment. It includes mobile business series, conference office series, touch interactive education series, video conference series and other diversified products, which can be applied to mobile presentations, conference presentations, smart classrooms, video conferences, hotels, training and other usage scenarios.


  • 2020

    In  2020, the world's first Windows projector HT2000 with the concept of mobile  electronic whiteboard, plus its own gesture recognition system, can realize  handwriting function on any white wall.


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  • 2019

    In  2019, the world's first three-in-one business education projector HT1500 with  touch interaction, video conferencing, and Windows system was  born. It  integrates functions such as computer, voice acquisition, video recording, and  its own original voice noise reduction algorithm and gesture recognition  algorithm, which can easily realize distance education and conference  functions.


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  • 2018

    In  2018, the HOTUS mushroom head projection ETS1 came out. The projection ID is  designed as a mushroom shape and divided into upper and lower parts. The  projection power supply is hidden in the projection bracket. The bracket and the  projection are attracted by strong magnets to ensure stable power  supply.


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  • 2017

    In  2017, the world's first eye-protecting ultra-short-focus projection display ETH1  can be easily connected to electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones,  and tablets wirelessly and wiredly. Treatment,  it has a protective effect on the eyes, and solves some rigid needs that cannot  see the LCD screen due to eye diseases.


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  • 2016

    In  2016, the world's first mobile business portable Windows projector H2 with  automatic focusing was successfully born and mass-produced so far. It has a  10,000 mAh lithium battery inside, and the battery power is monitored in real  time through I2C. Based on the traditional projection + Windows system  combination First,  the developed office and business presentation-type Windows  projection.慧投科技智能便携投影仪H2

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  • 2015

    In  2015, the first screenless computer was successfully born. The first Windows  portable projector truly realized the functions of computer, projection,  wireless same screen, and three-in-one. The remote control can be used as a  wireless mouse, laser pointer, and wireless headphones to listen to  songs. .  For  the first time, the lens protection slide cover and the switch button are used  to make an integrated design, and the software is developed to realize  one-button automatic and safe computer shutdown.


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  • 2021

    In  2021, HOTUS Technology has grown from a small team of 20 people and an office of  500 square meters to a high-tech industrial company with nearly 400 people and  10,000 square meters of R&D, production, sales and  service!


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Corporate Event
2015 In July 2015, the first projection B5 Taobao crowdfunding with a business prototype
2017 In 2017, it became a Microsoft authorized 0EM signing partner
2017 In August 2017, it became a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen
2017 In 2017, HOTUS desktop eye protection projection ETH1 came out
2016 In 2016, HOTUS' first Windows projector H2 came out
2016 On November 11, 2016, HOTUS screenless computer teamed up with the domestic e-commerce giant JD.com to crowdfund on JD.com
2016 In 2016, Huitou Technology debuted at the Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Fair
2016 In 2016, HOTUS Technology won the annual enterprise innovation award
2016 In 2016, HOTUS screenless computer won the annual innovation award of Projection Times Network
2018 2018 HOTUS mushroom head projection ETS1 came out
2019 In 2019, HOTUS commercial projection ETS8 came out
2020 In 2020, HOTUS HT1500 will appear at Beijing PT Communication Exhibition, HT2500 Shenzhen Tourism Technology Exhibition
2021 In 2021, HOTUS won the Excellent Product Award of the 23rd High-tech Achievement Conference